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Credit Bureau Searches – Coming soon!

Promeric Technologies in partnership with Momemtuum is excited to announce the ability to perform credit bureau searches. Using Momemtuum’s File Assure OnDemand, you will be able to electronically connect with TransUnion to obtain an electronic copy of an individual’s credit report.  The product is currently in beta-testing with a few Trustee firms and we expect the product to be available to all Trustees very shortly.

Benefits of credit bureau searches include:

  • Less data entry as the credit bureau information moves seamlessly from FileAssure OnDemand to Ascend
  • Fewer missed creditors declared on the Statement of Affairs
  • Increased conversion rate – obtain Debtor information instantly

Each search will cost $7 and will be billed by Promeric/FCT to the Trustee office monthly.  Momemtuum will provide their OnDemand platform at no additional cost to Trustee’s.

We continue to look forward to launching fantastic new enhancements to the Trustee community in the remainder of 2018.  Should you have any questions regarding this product, please do not hesitate to contact us via our support desk at

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