BankEx ™

Created to complement Ascend, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Data Exchange (BankEx™) allows trustees and creditors to communicate and exchange data in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Information exchange made simple

Bankruptcy and insolvency files move seamlessly between you and the National Creditor List (NCL), minimizing environmental impact and overall effort.

Although other companies charge for similar services, BankEx —which includes tax filing — is included at no extra charge when you have Ascend, Canada’s number-one selling insolvency software.

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Key Features

  • Free as an add-on to our Ascend customers, BankEx allows you to save more when you choose Promeric over our competitors that charge for similar services.
  • Reliable, quick creditor notification helps to reduce creditor calls to your office sooner, allowing you to close cases faster and more efficiently.
  • Environmentally responsible technology helps to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, as well as the time and hassle involved with preparing creditor packages and manually sending notifications via with a paper-based system.

National Creditor List

  • An up-to-date National Creditor List (NCL) allows Ascend users to send insolvency packages electronically, cutting down on the time, hassle and cost associated with a paper-based system, while promoting greater environmental responsibility.
  • Important updates and information changes are sent easily and quickly en masse via BankEx free of charge, effectively minimizing overall work effort at no additional cost to you.
  • A stress-free creditor search and selection option reduces the need to constantly monitor and manually input data changes, freeing up valuable administrative time.

Express Button

  • One button allows you to communicate and exchange key data in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way that speeds up the process and gets you the results you need, faster.
  • Easily prepare and validate creditor packages with all necessary forms and notices directly online so that all listed liabilities receive exactly what they need quickly and securely.
  • Accurately track all packages via one online source, when and where you need to for greater peace of mind.

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