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As a pioneer of the insolvency software industry in Canada, Promeric has set the standard for excellence. With Promeric on your team, you can work confidently, knowing you’ve partnered with a true leader.

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Promeric offers a customer-focused approach that includes longer hours of operation and fully bilingual support. Quick, friendly service from experienced professionals ensures your bottom-line is maximized.

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The safety of your data is always top priority at Promeric. Rest assured your files and finances are safe and secure, backed by today’s most rigorous security protocols and government regulations.

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Having served the Canadian trustee community with pride since 1999, it’s no wonder 70% of Canadian trustees rely on Promeric’s innovative solutions to support and grow their business — and so can you.

Ascend Insolvency Software

Canada’s number one selling insolvency software

Elevate your business with Ascend insolvency software which delivers unrivalled estate management and process automation in both English and French.

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The insolvency marketplace never stands still, and neither can we if we’re going to meet (and exceed) your expectations. In an ever-changing insolvency market we are committed to keeping you up-to-date and informed on all things affecting your business.

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The product integrates seamlessly with Ascend, ‎saves time, improves accuracy and reduces returned payments. Additional, timely information makes the bank reconciliation process fast and easy.

D. Mihalcheon, CPA, CA, CIRP, Trustee in Bankruptcy, Senior Vice President, BDO Canada Limited

We have been using Ascend for almost three years and have found it to be an incredibly powerful practice management tool. Even after this time, we are still finding ways to better exploit the capabilities of Ascend.

Bruce Alger, Grant Thornton

We have reviewed the software alternatives, and conducted an extensive on-site test of Ascend. We have decided that Ascend best suits our needs, and will be converting all of our insolvency offices to Ascend.

Bill Courage, Vice President, BDO Dunwoody