Elevate your business with Ascend, Canada’s number-one-selling insolvency software for unrivalled estate management and process automation.

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BankEx is a software solution that allows trustees and creditors to communicate and exchange data in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

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Integrated e-banking allows the convenience of pre-authorized payments to be sent and managed electronically and securely, via Ascend.

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Office Supplies

Whether it’s blank cheques, toner cartridges or deposit slips, we’ll keep your office running smoothly with easy-to-order office essentials.

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We have reviewed the software alternatives, and conducted an extensive on-site test of Ascend. We have decided that Ascend best suits our needs, and will be converting all of our insolvency offices to Ascend.

Bill Courage, Vice President, BDO Dunwoody

We have been using Ascend for almost three years and have found it to be an incredibly powerful practice management tool. Even after this time, we are still finding ways to better exploit the capabilities of Ascend.

Bruce Alger, Grant Thornton